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If i get telewest broadband, can i route it through the network hub and allow 2 other computers to access the net, or does that cost more, i already have a 10mbps hub, any help would be appreciated thanks James Earp

-- James (, February 12, 2002


I've had a question about this previously by email.

I'll be adding this to the broadband page, and possibly as a page on its own:

You can use Telewest cable modem in a home network (

There are many cable modem FAQs/HOW-TOs on the web, Google throws up a few ( and including Practically Networked (, Cable Modem Help (, ( and Speed Guide's cable modem sharing (

UK sites include one at Broadband Help (http://www.broadband- and byUsers has a home networking section ( ZDNet covers routers, sharing and includes prices ( Found on Google ( hl=en&q=uk+cable+modem+networking). The ADSL networking guide at ISP Review may be appropriate (

There is also the Cable Modem category ( odem/), which uses the ODP's data.

-- Michael Bluett (, February 12, 2002.

I have added a section with activated versions of the links above to my UK broadband internet access page.

(added)It now has its own page: home networking.

-- Michael Bluett (, February 13, 2002.

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