what happened in the san Franciso earthquake?

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What happened in the San Franciso earthquake in 1989? can u give me some information on what happened some pictures would be helpful.

-- lianna pitsakis (lazmich@aol.com), February 12, 2002


The best source for information is Gladys Hansen's "San Francisco Almanac" published in 1995.

Good luck in your research.

Kurt Iversen

-- Kurt Iversen (iversenk@aol.com), February 12, 2002.

Another great reference work with some formerely unpublished photos is a work titled "DENIAL OF DISASTER" by Hansen and Condon. This coffee table size book is published by CAMERON and Co. of S.F. It is by Gladys Hansen and Emmet Condon. Gladys is the archivist for the City and County of S.F. while Emmet is a former S.F. Fire Dept. Chief. They present a very compelling case in the book for the contention that there wqas a coverup of total fatalities and damage along with a shift in blame from earthquake to fire as the main cause for these losses. Pressure from the railroad trusts and business community was applied to the news media, et al, to prevent a scare/panic, related to quakes, that might be detremental to the growth of the S.F. economy.

-- RE Ruef (sprint2r@yahoo.com), February 28, 2002.

my fact file on the san franciso earthquake: where did it happen;the san franciso earthquake happend 5 miles to the south of san franciso. what time and date did it happen: 5.04 pm on the 17th october 1989. the strenght of the earthquake was 7.1 on the richter scale{a richter scale is the instrument used to measure earthquakes}this means that it was disasterous-large cracks appear in the ground and landslides start to happen. it lasted 15 secs. side affects: 100's of houses were destroyed and very few people weren't injured. the total amount of people that ded was 62 the cost of damage was over $6billion dollars

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You're overexagturating (spelling?). Large cracks only appear in much bigger quakes and on crappy ground. Landslides on a 7.1? Nahh. You just like Stevie Nicks too much...

"Till the Landslide brought me down..."

-- Piano Man (TheSanFranciscoFanclub@groups.msn.com), December 03, 2002.

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