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I lived on Mason St. between Pine and Bush for about five years and there was a firehouse on Bush St. around the corner from me. I had always wondered what role it played in the 1906 earthquake, if any. There is a placque in front of building dedicated to Dennis T. Sullivan with a little history. The building looks as though it now houses a fire chief or some other high-positioned fire fighter. Does anyone have any information on what the building was in the past and who resides there at present? It's really quite a gem to have in a neighborhood and miss walking past it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

-- Thomas Harrison (, February 11, 2002


That building is actually the Chief of the Department's residence. It was dedicated in 1922 and is named for the former Chief. It has never been used as a working firehouse. Whenever a new chief is selected, he is required to live there or the property wil revert back to the family that donated it. The chief, and his family, are allowed to live there while he has the position. An operator(chief's aide) also has quarters there.

-- A. Douglas (, February 12, 2002.

Fire Chief Engineer Dennis T. Sullivan was taken to the Southern Pacific Company Hospital after receiving fatal injuries while in the Chemical Company No.3 fire station where he lived with his wife. This station was located at 410-412 Bush Street while the present Chief's residence is at 870 Bush Street.

Brick chimneys and the east wall of the California Hotel had crashed through the adjoining fire station, burying Chief Sullivan. He and his wife were dug out by station fire fighters. He had a fractured skull and other injuries but was also badly scalded by water and steam from a nearby radiator which sprayed on him as he was dug out. He died 4 days later after being transferred to the Presidio's U.S. Army hospital. (from Denial of Disaster, pg.40)

-- RE Ruef (, February 28, 2002.

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