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Based on the last answer on my thread on dateing protocol I got to thinking about what I would think was a good date and things I've done that to me were fun. For me one of my most enjoyable dates involved a little of everything. First he picked me up on his motorcycle, we went to dinner (he paid) then we went to a free concert. Afterwards we came back to my house sat outside on some old movie theater chairs and watched the stars and northern lights while finishing off a bottle of wine. To me the last part of the date was the best. I love to sit out under the stars and talk.

Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting him to leave. All the hints in the world didn't work. Finally when the sun began to rise he realized how late or early it was.

So what would be or has been your best date?

Thinking about it is half of the fun!

The other one

-- Susan in Minnesota (, February 11, 2002


Susan(the other one), It has been so long since I have been on a date. I think I would like to go to a zoo, or an art museum, some place where you can talk. Heck, I would love to go fishing or to a rodeo too. Going out to eat is always a plus for me, even back when I was young and cute, I would never turn down a date that had eating out connected to it! i have always been more interested in a guys brains and his heart, than his wallet or his looks. My best friend Stevie, (who passed away). we would get a 6 pack and drive around Elk county telling stories and dropping in to visit people who lived way back in the boonies. It was a hoot!

-- Karen Mauk (, February 11, 2002.

Wish you two lived closer to me. I like the simple dates also and now since finding myself "on the hunt" again and older, my first dating requirement is to avoid a "fatal attraction" type date :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, February 12, 2002.

He came over and helped weed the garden and plant raspberries. I cooked dinner and then we sat outside made a fire and talked. The other would be we went fishing he cleaned the fish and then cooked them.

-- Sherry (, February 12, 2002.

I second Sherrys' answer--especially the part where he cleans the fish--I get so tired of doing that!! :)

-- Lynn in Wash. (, February 12, 2002.

Lets see its been a long time i rember we huged em kissed em and something else sorry cant rember lol the devils after me again Bob se,ks.

-- Bobco (, February 12, 2002.

It was late at night, warm and breezy at the top of the Ferris Wheel. I can't go on. Too special.

-- Susan in Northern LP Michigan (, February 12, 2002.

Can I finish Susan NLPM's story?? I sat as if paralyzed; my right hand in a death grip on the safety bar; my left clutching a handful of his clothing while I muttered through clenched teeth "I fall outa here, bucko, I ain't going alone!"

Yep, scared silly of heights >^oo^<

Ummm, Bob - I think that story went on like this ..."We hugged 'em and kissed 'em and then their Daddy came to the door with his shotgun and ...."

Has everyone on here been married before; or at least in a long term relationship? Think maybe that's what kills the imagination?!

-- Polly (, February 14, 2002.

Oh Polly, I think most if not all have been married before, that's why we are using our imaginations! LOL.

-- Susan in Northern LP Michigan (, February 17, 2002.

Well time of year has a lot of control on first dates.

In Mn winter, I like hibernation types of first dates...around the fireplace with some music and a decent bottle of wine...I prefer to either being the cook or being cooked for as I find restaraunts soooo impersonal. I can cook better than most places I go, and find the constant interruptions by a waiter/tress, not nice.

The other 6 months of the year, bike rides, hikes, boating, fishing, swimming, picnics are all favorite first date places for me. I have fun whether the gal is interested in having a second date or not.

-- Gary from Mn (, March 09, 2002.

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