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Susquehanna Bank, 888-400-9866 is the generic number.

Sesquehanna Mortgage, 800.548.6195

I spoke with Ernie Grew. Told him I wanted 6.75% with 0 points. He told me he would call me back.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2002


I mailed the package to Abbot this morning. FedEx tracking number is 8330 6632 3864.

-- Anonymous, March 05, 2002

We suggest that you print this page now in order to gather the necessary documents needed to complete the Universal Residential Loan Application. You will be asked for:

1. Complete subject property address.

2. Social security numbers of all borrowers.

3. Current address, if less than two (2) years, former addresses to cover a two year period

4. Employer names, addresses, phone numbers and job tenure for all borrowers, if less than two (2) years, prior employer information to cover the most recent two year period.

5. Monthly income for all borrowers.

6. Current mortgage information, including monthly principal and interest payment, real estate taxes, homeowners association dues (if any), homeowners/hazard insurance and any other liens on subject property.

7. Information about all checking, savings, money market accounts, etc. to include account numbers, bank names and addresses and current balances.

8. Liability information to include, names and addresses of companies, account numbers, unpaid balances, minimum monthly payment and months left to pay.

9. Information on all properties owned (other than subject property), including present market/appraised value, amount of mortgage / lien, gross rental income and monthly taxes and insurance.

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2002

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