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Hello! There was a post awhile back from someone who wanted to know what happened to Europe's Finest enlarging paper. Freestyle Photo has it, listed under Agfa in thier online catalog. Hope this helps! By the way, I'm trying to decide which paper to use in my soon to be complete ULF pinhole camera. I'd like to try making paper negatives. Would single wt RC be the way to go? Any thoughts?

-- John Kasaian (, February 11, 2002


I picked up some "Europe's Finest" single weight fiber paper a while back, as the price was great. I figured I could use it for contacts or dry mounted. Two things. The image quality was good to start, but deteriorated rapidly. My guess is that the stuff is a bit long of tooth and that's why it's being sold the way it is. Use it quickly. Second thing, I used to use single weight many years ago with no trouble, but was surprised at just how difficult it is to handle. Either this is thinner than in the past, or I'm just clumsier, but it's very difficult to transfer from tray to tray. Used to make paper negs in an 8x10 Deardorff too, and single weight works great for that. Wow, with VC you could even put contrast filters in front of the camera- Zone System via filters?

-- Conrad Hoffman (, February 11, 2002.

Another thought- maybe pick up some bromide or benzotriazole to moderate the fog.

-- Conrad Hoffman (, February 11, 2002.

Take a look here: B&G is stepping up its presence and I hope distribution of products to the US. These are SUPERB films and papers.

-- David Stein (, February 11, 2002. ADD EXTRA TO MAKE SURE THE LAST CHARACTERS GET I

-- David Stein (, February 11, 2002.

Single weight RC will work. So will single weight FB for that matter. The fiber based paper will curl a lot more though. Just don't do what I did... it was hard to get my fingernails under the paper to grab it when it settled to the flat bottom of my developing tray. Get a tray with bumps or ridges on the bottom.

-- Steve Gangi (, February 11, 2002.

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