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Hey Brian, when you renamed your boat did you do anything special or just do it? Good sailing, Don

-- Don Newhouse (, February 10, 2002


Hi Don,

Jen and I went over a couple of names before we decided to name the boat "Joint Venture". The first name that came to mind was "Ad- venture" just because this boat has been nothing short of an adventure since we bought it! The next name we thought of was "Jenoa" because of Jens name. Then it both hit us to use "Joint Venture" because we both had put equal amounts of work into her. Now as far as renaming a boat, because your boat is not documented, or I'm assuming it isn't, you don't need to file papers with the Coast Guard or the state that you live in, unless you plan to sail outside U.S. waters. If you plan to sail outside the U.S. then you will need to document your boats name and a whole lot of other things (A real big pain in the ars!). There are probably others reader that know quite a bit more about the process then I do, that would like to answer this . One last thing. When you rename a boat you are supposed to christen the vessel and have a HUGE christening party to please the sea gods. If you don't, misfortune and disaster is sure to follow you everywhere you sail!..hehe:)

-- Brian Knight (, February 10, 2002.

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