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Hi from Karl

I need some information on a filter system for my Sinar F2. Presently i use Coken filters for my 35 and medium format. Can I use these for the LF. I don't see away of screwing on the holder, there does not appear to be a thread on the 90 Grandagon f6.8 I have.

I want to use the camera for architectual photography, and hence need to ballance the different light sources. I don't have a colour meter and will not be getting one due to spending money on other equipment. Can someone assist me with info on filter systems and the correct filter fot the correct type of light. I have used 80a and magenta filters for colour correction, but there are many other types of light. Please assist.

Cheers Karl

-- Karl Beath (, February 10, 2002


Here's a well-known link to get you started.

-- Wayne DeWitt (, February 10, 2002.

i have never found the Cokin filters to be accurate enough in terms of color value to be useful. I use Lee and Sinar filters in a Lee Filter holder for all of my systems. These are also available in a size to fit the Cokin P holder. An 80a and a cc30M will definitely get you in the ball bark for most situations.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, February 11, 2002.

I agree with Ellis! Cokin is good for snap shooting but for technical shooting, get some glass like B+W or Kodak CC filters and get a rear mounted filter holder for the inside of your camera. In alot of funky situations where I couldn't get in to the site at night to filter the windows for the next day's shoot, it is know as Photo Hell. You can filter for the room light making sure your windows aren't in the photo, filter the windows appropriately so you can use a FLD or you can fill the room with strobes and kicker lights. Using negative film and a good lab will help also but either way it is work...

-- Scott Walton (, February 11, 2002.

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