Ebony RW45 vs. RW45 III?

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I was recently on the Robert White webpage and noticed they have the Ebony RW45 III listed. I've never heard of the "III" model before, and I just purchased an RW45 from Badger Graphics just before Christmas last year.

Has my new purchase already been replaced by an upgraded version of my camera, or are these really one and the same?

Anyone know?

-- Robert J. Fox (aa8yo@yahoo.com), February 10, 2002


I'm no expert but they are one in the same, as far as I'm aware! I think this is how it goes - the RW was released in a variety of guises!! When it first came out it was the RW, but also called the "2000" for the US market (it was released just prior to the dawn of the new Millenium). To save confusion it was then re-badged as the RWIII (it was the 3rd version, sort of!!) All versions are one in the same. Phew!! If you are still in doubt email Hiromi (Mr Ebony)!

-- paul owen (paulowen_2000@yahoo.com), February 10, 2002.

The RW III from Robert White has got universial bellows I am not sure they all got those

-- Gudmundur Ingˇlfsson (imynd@simnet.is), February 10, 2002.

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