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I am going to try my hand at contact printing 5x7 negatives on Azo paper and have read most of other questions regarding light source, etc. In searching the responses I was unable to find any info on bleaching. I know almost any paper can be bleached, but how does Azo respond as far as time, staining, etc.? I'd appreciate any help.

-- Bob Passage (, February 10, 2002


Azo responds well to bleaching as well as toning. I find I need to mix the ferricyanide bleaching solution a bit weaker than with some other papers. Don't get in a hurry or you will crinkle the paper when trying to pull it out, rinse or put into the next bath. It works well with overall bleaching to clear whites a bit or with local bleaching.

-- Dan Smith (, February 10, 2002.

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