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All right guys I tried to read a vietnamese VCD (Shaolin soccer) with windows media player. I opened the right folder, located the *.dat files, drag one of them onto windowsmedia player. I can see the movie.

but I know that there are subtitles (english) too. How can I seee the dat file with the subtitles? and, most of all.. I have 3 dat files for each VCD. how can I manage to have one long file (made up by three of them)?

Thanks in advance

-- Hubert (, February 09, 2002


With VCDs, if you don't see subtitles, then ARE NO subtitles hidden or otherwise in any of the folders/files you can peruse in it. This thinking is a spillover from DVD or other media that use MPEG-2, where there are distinct subtitle tracks or files that one can choose from or in fact turn off completely. VCD uses MPEG-1 which DO NOT have provisions for subtitling. U may see VCDs with subtitles but these are embedded/included in the picture as part of the video signal and is there and unchangeable and can never be turned off for better or worse. There are two types of *.dat files in VCDs: the MPEG stream files that comply with White Book specs and are named either avseqxx.dat or musicxx.dat; always only in the MPEGAV directory, and the itemxxxx.dat files that are still playable but do not comply with White Book strictly (like still MPEG files for menus, etc.) located only in the SEGMENT directory. The first type can be joined, the 2nd no.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 10, 2002.

There is a separate file for subtitles: *.smi. For this particular movie I have seen the smi file in another language but not in English. Look for the filename.smi.

-- (, February 14, 2002.

There is no subtitle on a VCD. I have watched a lot of movies on VCD including Shaolin Soccer from You are not allowed to hide the subtitle if there is subtitle and you are unable to activate the subtitle. VCD do not have such function as what is in a DVD.

The copy of Shaolin Soccer I get from is pressed in Chinese and English subtitle. The language is in it's original Cantonese Language.

-- PS (, April 01, 2002.


-- dimi guerrero mendez (, February 08, 2003.

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