what is the realtion of the cask of amontillado with egar's life?

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pls answer my question.. cuz i was assigned to report the cask of amontillado and try to relate it to his life.. but i couldn;t figure it out, i don't understand the story and i've red lots of his biography from different sites... ur site is so informative..... and i decided to ask this quesation.. hope you could help ,me

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2002


im writting about poe myself and find it very interesting. Poe is a genious writer. Montressor acts in a genius way as well. They both have genius minds. The way they can be related would be there power to get inside your mind by just being smart. The life of both characters are dark.... montressor though a genius has a mind of a serial killer. Poe though a very successful writer(not at his time or shortly after his death), is stained by griswold's early biography about him, in which he makes him appear like a sick mind. alcoholic, pervert, insane and so forth. Thinking about it they are both not like by society. one is an insane drug addict and the other a man with a serial killer. They are both full of ideas, brilliant ones too. this is only what i think. if its helpfull, go right on and get ideas from it...i hope it can be usefull. and excuse my akward writing...it suks, i get told that all the time

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2002

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