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Should America devote more energy and money towards reducing world poverty and disease?

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2002


Yes i think that the US should devote more energy and money on world poverty and disease. I mean the US gets in to stuff that doesnt concern it (i.e "the war on terrorism") instead it should not be so quick to bomb a country and instead feed the people of that country so that they wouldnt have to join terrorist organizations. Basically the US would be "killing two birds with one stone". Guess thats all i got to say, LA RAZA LATINA PAZ!!!!!

-- Anonymous, April 09, 2002

I agree that the U.S. should devote more energy and money towards reducing world poverty and disease. I admit the U.S. does get into business that doesn't concern them, but isn't that what the "international police force" is supposed to do? I believe the government should do more things to help the people and not big businesses. All capitalist governments have that problem, the people don't get much but the business does, somethings need to be changed.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002

World economies are linked. If we want our economy to boost, we need other countries to contribute as well. The US's economy has not been doing so well is because of poor economy in Great Britain, Japan, and others.

During the period of Dan Shui Ping (or however pinying portrays it), he allowed immigration. He let the Chinese people leave the country and go all around the world. Since they do well in other countries, they send money back to China to support their family, thus, improving the Chinese economy.

If the US devoted more energy and money towards reducing poverty and disease, it would benefit everyone. (I think Bill Gates noticed this - - and therefore contributed some odd millions of dollars a few weeks back, smart fellow)

Charity is never nosy.

The United States is bosy however. I remember recalling a meeting somewhere in the west concerning "world peace" before the terrorist strike occurred. Most of the times, the United States get involved in wars they don't belong in, and many other countries would agree. Such as -- after Russia retrieved from Afghanistan, the United States left as well, leaving the Taliban to go into power. Also, it would be a thought that the US are sending troops to fight enemies we gave weapons to.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2002

The United States should mind it's own damn buisness. 9/11 happened because we stick our nose in everyone else's buisness. This is how it works we send aid workers they are killed by rebel militias who hate america. Then we send forces in to the countries to "defend our interests", then when the "elite" U.S. army is through the country is a crater and these small time terrorists come and blow something up. Getting in without the slightest bit of inspection before entering the country.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2002

america should not devote more energy and money towards reducing world poverty and disease

america should devote energy and money towards reducing world poverty and diseases in america

america goes into world issues too much, america is way to nosy

-- Anonymous, February 10, 2002

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