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I am building the "Central Midland" layout #HO29, by Atlas. I have e-mailed Digitrax 3 time in referance to which of their units would be best for this layout. Two weeks have past and I have not received a response. I still would like to know what unit I will need, but now I am doubting Digitrax because if I have not received answers to my e-mails, what happens if I have a problem with their prodct? I am new to this hobby but am good at building things. Which DCC unit would you recommend?

Thanks Al

-- Allen Eisenmenger (det404@attbi.com), February 08, 2002


Digitrax is normally responsive and they do support their stuff. I'm not happy with their larger decoders and boosters, but their command stations, throttles, radio gear and networks are fine. see http://www.trainweb.org/girr/tips/tips5/dcc_tips.html for more info.

-- George Schreyer (gwschreyer@mac.com), February 09, 2002.

Dear Allen,

I use the Digitrax Chief and I am very happy with the support I have received from them for various problems and questions.

My suggestion is that you study some of the other products on the market from Zimo, Lenz, Easy DCC, Atlas, MRC, NCE, and Wangrow in addition to Digitrax. Go to their web sites and ask questions.

I have the Digitrax Chief because for the price it offered me the most value for a full featured, top of the line, system. I chose a full featured system because I wanted a product I could grow into over a period of time. When it comes to full featured systems you have a choice of products from Digitrax, Lenz, Easy DCC, Zimo, Wangrow, and Northcoast Engineering. The difference will be in the price, capabilities, throttle style, bus system and ease of usage. Only you know what it is you want to do with your railroad.


-- David Butts (davidbutts@sprintmail.com), February 10, 2002.


I have a Digitax Chief and a number of Digitrax decoders. I am happy with what I have. But I don't think you should expect an answer to your question about which system is right for you. Digitrax has already written a treatise on the subject and you can find it on their website at www.digitrax.com If I have a criticism of Digitrax it is that they tend to be terse in response to email and while it would have been polite for them to answer you even to say "read our website", they are very busy.

I have had problems with decoders and a DT100 and in each case they responded in a reasonable time to my queries and in every case they corrected the problems quickly and at no charge.

Right now I also think that they are falling behind on decoder technology and that other manufacturers are providing better value for the price.

So don't write Digitrax off. The command statons and throttles and the technology behind the systems is excellent. But do check out the others. Best of all find a dealer who will support your choice and even better find modelling friends who use what you want to use.


-- Dale Gloer (dale.gloer@sympatico.ca), February 10, 2002.

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