where was my father buried?

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my father was killed in san fransisco on 04/03/69. we are not sure how long he had been living there. i have checked almost all the cemetery records for the area, and i still can not locate him. he did not have very much family and i,m sure his body was not returned to indianapolis. so where is he buried? Frank Jeffery born 10/29/35 in Arkanasa mother,s maiden name was Adams

d. sellers

-- debra sellers (jensell@yahoo.com), February 08, 2002


Now brace yourself and don't go crying when I tell you this. Your father is not burried and his ashes are out at sea. That is what the policy of the Coroner's Office in San Francisco. Your father was killed in whatever way, then the Coroner's office puts out a nationwide search and trys to contact relatives. If they contact the relatives they ask them what they want to do with the body. If they can't find any relatives or the relatives don't care, then they cremate the body, hold the ashes for one year and then take them out to sea. Sorry, to have to tell you that but it even makes me sick to think about it.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy@bigmailbox.net*), February 08, 2002.

Frank Jeffery born 10/29/1935 in Arkansas died 04/03/1969 in San Francisco, CA

That's from the California death index, meaning that his death certificate IS available to order -- either from the central location in Sacramento or the San Francisco Health Department at the corner of Polk and Grove Streets. If you haven't gotten a copy of this yet, you should. They often have information on burials.

Scott Trimble http://www.pacificnorthw estmovies.com/

-- Scott Trimble (stst@stst.net), February 19, 2002.

Hello, you should order his death certificate--it will tell you what happened to the body, whether cremated or interred in a cemetary. Good luck.

-- Grace Mauberret (mauberret@yahoo.com), June 28, 2002.

I to am trying to find the final resting place of my dad. We were (should I say) never close. None the less, I'd still like to find out just where he is intured. If you can offer any help I'd be most greatful and it would set my heart to rest. Thanking you in advance. PW

-- polly winslow (clamdigger1964@aol.com), January 09, 2005.

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