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I find the solution to see movies on Playstation. This SHIT works 100%. The bed news is can't put more minutes on a regular CD (650Mb).I think u can put up to 30-40 min. All the shit (and i say absolute everything u need to make the fuckin' Cd and play it on Playstation) ca be found at :

If u have any trouble just e-mail me (but after you'll work a lot on it and couldn't resolve the fuckin problem ). I tell u that are few easy steps. The major fuckin' problem is the language.

G O O D L U C K !!! BURN MANY VCDs as u can :)

P.S. After 20 february 2002 (maybe)u will have a complet translate of the page in case can't resolve the burnin' problem (the translation won't be so good because I know a little of that language on that Cooool Page)

-- mindi (, February 07, 2002

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