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As Per Discipline, what is the proper procedure in the AME Church when an Ordained Clergy person seperates from a spouse and intends to divorce. The discipline provided some guidance on the matter relating to laity.

Notify superviing pastor or Presiding Elder in writing. File copy to be placed in the Official Board, Quarterly Conference files. Copy of the final Divorce decree provided as a matter of record.

Should the minsiter be relieved of their duties until the final divorce is decreed by a court of law?

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002


This is an example of the Discipline having outlived its usefulness. The reality is that such is a personal matter between the married couple. As long as the minister is effective in his duties, he should be retained and left to work it out.

Blessings, Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002

I don't think the Discipline has outlived its usefulness at all. Nor do I think it ever will. It is and has always been based on SOUND biblical and spiritual doctrine.

As it pertains to divorce of any person belonging to the A.M.E. Church, both clergy and lay, the rules are specific. The A.M.E. Church does not forbid divorce, as it may in fact be necessary and legitimate. It does, however expressly forbid (during the life of the divorced spouse) the REMARRIAGE of persons who are divorced for reasons other than those given by Jesus in Matthew 19, Mark 10, and Luke 16 and those given by Saint Paul in I Corinthians 7. Thus, the Discipline gives the method by which we may determine if these criteria are met.

In the Church of God nothing is simply an individual choice, but must be measured by those ideals and standards set forth by Jesus, The Apostles, and the Holy Scriptures. While NONE ever quite reach the standard--"For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God"-- we must not, and cannot ever compromise or "lower he bar."

While we are unworthy to condemn--as God, who knows our hearts, is our only true and righteous Judge--the Church of God must always say what is right and what is wrong and it must always teach and preach, "Thus saith the Lord."

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002

There are two reasons i consider the Discipline is due for major revision: (1) If a rule is not enforced or unenforceable it is no longer of any effect; and (2) we have repeatedly wrote new rules in the discipline to fix specific situations which has made it nothing more than a cobbled document. Bishop Bryant once preached about "isness" and "outness". The reality, the "isness" is that we have both clergy and lay openly committing adultry, fornication and any other sexual sin. It ought, the "oughtness", not to be that way. Now who, in his/her right mind, contemplating divorce is goint to go to a presiding elder or bishop who is engaged in the same or worse behavior. Most likely, the Elder would try to "hit" on a woman or the man's wife.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2002

I owe an apology to the hardworking presiding elders and bishops who do try to enforce/apply the discipline and minister to the needs of the pastors under their authority. I'm sorry. I was wrong to paint all with one brush. Forgive me. Blessings,

Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, February 09, 2002

This kind of logic makes me sick. If everybody is doing it, it must be right. If the clergy and the laity are openly fornicating it must be acceptable behavior. Who are you kidding? Only yourself. Wrong is still wrong. The next thing I will read in this discussion is that Openly gay men and women should be ordained because so many of the ministers, musicians etc are loosely in the closet or on the dl.

When we will stand up and say For God I live?

A lot of you all had better pray that many bibical scholars are right when they say God is not a God of judgment.


-- Anonymous, March 02, 2002

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