Did Linhof Make a 6x9 Zoom Viewfinder?

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I was wondering if Linhof (or anyone else) ever made a optical zoom viewfinder that mounted in an flash shoe that was calibrated for their 6x9 technika cameras. Many people have used the 4x5 model for handheld photography or lens selection before camera setup. THANK YOU!

-- Paul Minkus (dkurtz@mc.net), February 07, 2002


I have 4x5 viewfinder with 6x7 mask, but I am not sure if 6x9 mask exists. Regards,

-- janez pelko (pelko@iskratel.si), February 07, 2002.

Yes. They still do. 001388 calibrated in feet and with the 69 mask. The finder and additional masks are currently in stock for any dealer to order.

It is also made in 45 and in 45 for the Aero Technika.

The one for the 57 Technika has been gone for several years.

-- Bob Salomon (bob@hpmarketingcorp.com), February 07, 2002.

Check out "Linhof Optical Viewfinders" earlier in the accessories threads. Apparently the inner frame in the 4x5 ones is for 6x9.

-- Richard Cove (coverich@nbnet.nb.ca), June 11, 2002.

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