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I've discovered tyhpoo decaf tea, which tastes ok so i cam drink loads of tea. Normally i stick to 2 or 3 cups due to the caffine.

I wonder is there any health reason not to drink lods of decaf tea?

-- alan (, February 07, 2002


I don't think decafine tea is harmful. The antioxidants contain in the deca tea is benificial to health

-- martin tai (, May 10, 2002.

It is more beneficial for arthritis sufferers to drink decaf tea and coffee as it 1 less toxin for the body to deal with and is better for the joints. Sainsburys is also nice - Happy drinking!

-- lisa (, September 08, 2002.

Please help ...ongoing discussion decaffinated how? do they use a different bean or pick out he caffine from each bean please help.

-- Dorota (, January 29, 2003.

As a recent convert to decaff I have always wondered how they extracted the caffine. I presume it is some horrible chemical process - come on - someone out there must know!

-- Eric Scargill (, February 03, 2003.

check out this web site to get explanation of some approved decaffeinating processes. "" spelling decaffeinated correctly will definitely help in any information search.

-- Sonny (, February 09, 2003.

only drink decaf that used co2 (carbon dioxide) and water, this preserves most the antioxidants, as opposed to the other methods, which the holy mountain site wont tell you.

-- floridastate002 (, January 02, 2004.

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