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can I use an FD series lens on my RM body it seems I have no control over apeture 5.8 - 32 only appear to have one operating lever on the camera body but two on the lens one moves the other is solid. Have just got this lens and thought i"d give it a go. any ideas.


-- Chris Hughes Mr (, February 07, 2002


Not gonna work, Chris. The RM was the last Canonflex mount camera body and the last to use the two lever system to cock and trip the lens. The following FL and FD series lenses used only one lever to stop down the lens. The second lever on your FD lens is the aperture signal lever used for full aperture metering on Canons introduced after 1971. What Canon did do on the FL series lenses, so not to leave "flex" owners out in the cold, was to include a preset ring or A-M ring on the lens. This allowed manual control of the aperture and made the lenses somewhat useful on the "flex, RP, R2000 and RM.

-- Bill Salati (, February 07, 2002.

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