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ok, first off lets get things str8, liquid dreams and she got skillz are really nothing alike...all-4-one is much more hip hop in that song then o-town could ever dream of being...dont get me wrong, i like o-town, but come on, she got skillz is a much sexier song that goes way farther then o-town prolly can..o-town is most likely owned by some big company and all-4-one is themselves... and can do what they want to do, o-town prolly has to do what they are song wise, lets not compare, there is no need, diff types of music, pop and hip hop pop, i guess...and i think all-4-one would win in a fight....peace out -matt (

-- matt (, February 07, 2002


actually we own O-Town!!!!

that means we write O-towns songs therefor liquid dreams was tkdubs creation!!! how else do you think we could aford our booze and hoes

p.s. all 4 one is also owned by "the man"

man "i swear" when will people learn that tkdub is the best boy band and we could kick everyones booty

-- karateronnie (, February 07, 2002.

mmmm yummy boy bands

we all know ur the ultimate boy band... i mean u know i swoon for john hughs love...the only song that lessens ur boy band credibility is love 180...boy bands r suposed to worship girls..not tell them they r stupid!

oh yea and all 4 one do what they want. thats why they didnt give into the pressure to replace a member when he was in a car accident!

ps. ronnie since u r the singer of a rich boy band, i think u should pay for my phone bill from callin u! LOL

-- Punk Princess LaUrA (, February 08, 2002.

you tell 'em!

thank you for "str8"-ening that out.

-- cadet kelly (, February 07, 2002.

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