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1.Why is the speaker in his library when the poem begins? 2.Where does the rapping come from at first? second time? 3.WHere does the Raven perch? 4.What does the speaker ask the raven about Lenore? 5.Why does the speaker tell the raven to leave?

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2002


First of all the speaker is not in a library at all during the entire poem! He is in his chamber or bedroom and he is reading books to try to fall asleep and he hears something tapping at his door rapping means almost the same thing a tapping. When the raven comes in the window he perches on the head of a statue with only the head and shoulders. The speaker does not ask the raven anything, the raven reminds the speaker of his lost love Lenore by saying NEVERMORE it rhymes with LENORE. The speaker does not tell the ravon to leave but wants him to leave becasue he is reminding him of Lenore. ~Ok~

-- Anonymous, February 06, 2002

I would answer the questions but they have already been answered....and frankly this sounds more like asking someone to do your homework for you rather than someone who enjoys Poe and is trying to understand his works. Shame on u. -Robert

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2002

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