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Well, my new computer is all put together (yay) internet doesn't work yet (boo) I think it's the cable modem box. anyhow, MAME DOS doesn't work with sound because I have a sound blaster live card (I tried all the sound options on the menu, none worked). Is there anyway to get it to work WITH sound? MAME32 works great + fine, and MAMEW gives me an error (which I cannot find out right now WHAT kind of error due to the fact I powered it down till I can stick it back on top of a desk). Any clues about MAME DOS for the time being atleast, if not, I'll just listen to some music while recording a hopefully good Bosco INP either this weekend or next weekend, or during Feb break. Thanx people.

-- Joe Ledesma (, February 06, 2002


Unfortunatley this is a known issue with audigy cards and xp (what os do you have?), creative doused the dos compatibiltiy with it, there is something you can run on the audigy cd that gives you dos compatibility with windows98 but even then i can't seem to get things to playback right and the sound sounds choppy but at least i can boot 98 and get sound from dos mame. incidentally mamew worked fine and has worked fine.

if you do figure out how to get dos mame working please post, anyone. well game guru got dos mame to work with arcade at home but i think he doesn't have a sound blaster audio card....

-- Chad (, February 06, 2002.

I have WIN98SE. I'll have to mess around with it and see what I can do :) Thanx.

-- Joe Ledesma (, February 07, 2002.

yeah, i have a win98se boot partition and i ran this special thing on the audigy (maybe live too) cd that gives you dos drivers for win98, hidden in some subdirectory on the cd. IT is NOT included in the regular sound card install stuff from the autoplay. it lets dos mame play with slightly chopy sound, you still have to fool around with the opl settings to get the least choppy sound.

good luck, if you get it working well lemme know.

-- Chad (, February 07, 2002.

Directsound controls MAME32, correct? I'll have to try the DOS stuff maybe tomorrow or Saturday; whenever my desk gets finished being built.

-- Joe Ledesma (, February 07, 2002.

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