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My photography interest started last year and am thinking of ways (have some ideas but needs fine tuning) to hopefully earn abit from photography. Are there other ways besides taking freelance wedding photos?

Has anyone tried other ways of earning from photography besides wedding photos? Please share...

-- sanz (, February 05, 2002


Here are some tips from my mentors: "Know what is art's most classic subject"

1. Start shooting - stock photography (any subject) 2. Travel pictures - don't forget to have plenty of film when you are travelling. 3. News and public events - in short they call it "photojournalism". 4. New and Old Buildings - Designers and Architects's dreams 5. People - young, old, the girl next door, executives, board of directors (you will be surprised people are always searching for good competent, honest and sincere photographers who can give them the image they want). 6. Glamour and the Limelight - create interesting, stage like pictures for all the thousands of model to be. Dreaming of the next Cindy Crawford or Carrie Wong. 7. Nature - flowers, insects and plants (the bontanical personnels can't do the job themselves) 8. The Family - the center of human harmony where every year events like birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations brought about the family and senior portraits. 9. Pets - people spents thousands of dollars to own them and surely they would like professionally taken portraits with their companions. 10. Music of the Night - an area where beginners can gather their confidence and skills without facing rejections.

For sure you must do research on who the photo buyers are.

Anyone wants to enjoy photographic activities come to: Inoue Creative Studies Section #04-01 Peace Centre Singapore 228149 Tel: 65-333318

-- Inoue Creative Studies (, February 06, 2002.


would like to find out what kinda photographic activities does the school organise?

-- sanz (, February 07, 2002.

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