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I'm getting banding in my prints in the darker areas. The bands are uniformly sized and spaced (they appear as dark green bands running inoto dark magenta)and run the long way on an 8.5x11. It's independent of portrait/landscape orientation, greyscale/duotone mode, or glossy/matte paper. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen with predictability. Some images show it; others not. (Nozzles are clear; heads are aligned; the machine is new.)

Any experience with this? A quick fix?


Steven Brooke

-- Steven Brooke (, February 04, 2002



I have not used an Epson 5500, but have returned 2 Epson 1270's with banding. In both cases, Epson replaced the unit. Also in both cases, I had to get past the person on the customer service desk and get to tech support. The customer service person said things like "you need to reinstall Windows 98". However, once I got to tech support and described the problem, the reaction was "It's banding. Is it still in warranty (yes). We'll replace it."

I have also read that the 1270 banding can be cause by rail drag of the print head( 01.htmlp) and routine maintenance with WD-40 or sewing macjhine oil can help.

Good luck.

John Hurshman

-- John Hurshman (, February 04, 2002.


Sorry, thge link I provided is wrong. Go to "" and look for the Dec 10, 2001 newsletter.


-- (, February 04, 2002.

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