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I have found that lenses with the newer-style FD mount (the one with the narrower black mounting ring as opposed to the wider aluminum-coloured one)sometimes do not fit on the FTb. I have taken my FTb, as well as a friend's FTb into camera stores. They always say up front that their used lenses will fit, no problem, if they are FD, either mount. Yet when we try it on either camera, they do not always mount. Is there a reason for this, or are we (and they) doing something wrong? Is the newer bayonet mount not necessarily compatible with the FTb mount?

-- Gary Hildebrand (ghildebrand@volny.cz), February 04, 2002


The lens will not mount if the iris is set to the "A" position. Otherwise there should be no problem. I have an FTb with a mix of old and new FD mounts, and have had no trouble at all.

-- Gareth Watkins (Gareth.Watkins@bbc.co.uk), February 04, 2002.

I have an FTB too and I've noticed that sometimes FD lenses are reluctant to mount. I think the trick is to make sure you insert the lens into the mount cleanly -- rather than the lower-bit first, for example.

-- Mark Mitchell (mjcmitchell@hotmail.com), February 27, 2002.

I agree with the other users I have not had any problem once you know to line the dots up together and not in the "A" position

-- gerald morrison (gerald_morrison@dell.com), April 15, 2002.

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