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I would like to share a few thoughts with you. I have watch the movie'The greatest story ever told(t's about the life of Jesus' this weekend and for the fist time I understand why Herod behave the way he did. If all the minister would be so kind to explain to me why Herod behave the way he did. I am not gonna tel you my view point untill i heard the opinion of my beloved ministers.

Please explain as I am trying the study the scripture, cause I believe If someoe from another religion ask you a question about yours, you should then be able to explian with confidence(equipt yourself) and to inspire people positively

Yours in Christ


-- Anonymous, February 04, 2002


Brother Jerome,

I am not a minister but I am intrigued by your question. I was wondering could you identify which Herod you are questioning and which specific behavior you have a question about at this time. Also, if you would identify the scripture which describes his behavior, it will be appreciated. I am always interested in learning something new about the word of God. Thank you for your question.


-- Anonymous, February 04, 2002

Check the one thing that we miss about Herod. Just before he died, he allowed people to call him God. The next day he was dead

Its in the New Testament


-- Anonymous, February 16, 2002

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