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I was recently forced into early retirement. I am bored and need something to do. I have decided to purchase a Digitrax Empire Builder II with a DT400 throttle. I am limited to what I can spend. Can anyone recommend a good place to purchase the Dititrax? I will depend on customer service and your website. Any help you could provide would be appreciated more than you can know. I am new to DCC.

Thank ya'all in advance.

Timothy in Calif. NMRA Life #000544

-- Timothy Richards (timemr@earthlink.net), February 03, 2002


Response to Where to purschase DCC

I have had excellent results from these two internet sources. There are probably others as well



-- George Schreyer (gwschreyer@mac.com), February 09, 2002.

Response to Where to purschase DCC

I purchased an Empire Builder II with a DT300 throttle from Miniature Locotmove Backshop http://members.aol.com/backshop/intro.html and they had the lowest prices I could find.

-- Craig Stull (castull@aol.com), August 28, 2002.

I have found good prices of various Digitrax DCC equipment on www.internettrains.com. Click on the link for "Powerpacks & DCC" and then on the Digitrax link.

-- jason schrader (schraderjd@hotmail.com), April 21, 2003.

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