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The Apo-Sironar-S 210mm/f5.6 has an advertized image circle of 316mm at f22 vs. the 312.5mm diagonal on 8x10" sheet film. Whether or not the lens would permit any significant movements will thus depend on whether the manufacturer's specification is as often "conservative," with some usable image remaining beyond the stated limit. Does anyone have any experience using the 210/5.6 on 8x10"? Any other comments on the optical qualities of this piece of glass will be appreciated as well. Cheers, Nick.

-- Nick Jones (, February 03, 2002


I can't speak for the Apo-Sironar, but I've used a Fujinon W 210mm/5.6 on my 8x10 with excellent results. It offers plenty of movement and tack sharp images.

-- Ted Kaufman (, February 03, 2002.

I am told by Jeff at Badger Graphic Sales that the Sironar S will definitely cover the 8X10 negative. The Sironar S is opticaly a fine lense. I asked because I am concerned that my recently acquired fujinon W 210/5.6 will not produce a big enough image circle. There are considerable varying reports on what the fujinon will cover. I am about to run some test exposures to fine out.

-- Bob Lessman (, March 26, 2002.

Since my original post I've acquired the Apo-Sironar 210/5.6 and am very pleased with its performance on 8x10 (as well as with our 5x7 reducing back). Super sharp at f22 all the way across the advertized image circle and almost to the actual image circle border (cf. the MTF graphs on Paul Butzi's web site). My Tachihara 3X 8x10, which does not have exchangeable bellows, will not permit movements with a wider lens, so this focal was about as wide as I could go. Movements on the 210/5.6 are of course very limited, but the big money I saved by not going for more image circle I'm going to put towards an 8x10 enlarger. I'd rather enlarge a select few excellent negs than never miss a shot because of lack of image circle.

-- Nicholas F. Jones (, April 02, 2002.

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