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If anyone knows a Lorina Therese Fernandez, please send me her e-mail or phone number. She will know who this is .She works for the DFS Pacifica Bldg in Guam, I am in Michigan,Her business # is 646-6761. I would appreciate anyone contacting her to let her know I am looking for her. And Lori If you read this please e-mail Me Cuz I really need to talk to you. .... T

-- Bill Trondle "T" (, February 03, 2002


"T", you poor misguided dork. I don't even want to think about what motivated you to post someone elses personal information on the Internet. Do you really expect anyone to help an obviously deranged coward, who wishes to inflict harm on someone and not have the balls to use his real name. Please do the world a favor and get some treatment fast. I really hate to see my tax dollars go to waste.

-- Never Been to Spain (, February 17, 2002.

For those faint of heart DO NOT READ THIS. This is for all the punk kids, wannabe military, and any other idiots that cant read. This is my real name , I have been to more countries than I care to remember in my military 10 years, and Lori is my ex- fiance from Guam that I had promised her I would check up on every once in awhile to if she is doing okay. Problem being ...I'm not in Guam no more, currently in Michigan. The number I had for her work years ago supposedly does not exist according to our operators here. They say it belongs to a different company now. As for Lori, the best times of my life were spent with her and I would expect everyone that ever meets her , treat her with the respect and dignity that she deserves. So in future reference, if ANYBODY has a problem with the way I am trying to locate Mrs/Ms/Miss Fernandez feel free to contact me , but if you would rather use your time more appropiate than refrain from smartass comments and come up with a better solution for me to contact my old friend. ------------ --------------------BILL TRONDLE

-- Bill Trondle (, February 18, 2002.

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