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I recently acquired a much-used 4x5 system and in the box came an interesting contraption called an Optical Exposure Computer, made by Komamura Photographic Co of Japan during the Punnic Wars, or at least a long time ago.

Two things: First, has anyone used this meter, and with what success?

Second, it needs two batteries. One says "640" on it and the other is larger, and missing.

On the casing is inscribed: A battery: Mallory No.PX-26

B battery: Mallory No.PX-640

Is anyone aware of a modern equivalent of these batteries and where to find them?

Thanks in advance,


-- Chris Engholm (, February 03, 2002


Why not ask Horseman. That is where Tosh Komamura works (he owns the company)

-- Bob Salomon (, February 07, 2002.

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