What is the "To One in Paradis" mean

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For school, I need to analyze a Poe Poem. The one I have chosen is To One in Paradise. Please help me asap. THankyou

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2002


Check out Thomas Mabbott's volume on Poe's poetry. This appears in "The Assignation(the Visionary)" as a central theme. Byronic inspiration in the poet-lover who loses his early love to another(Mary Chatworth). Other sources but note the simlarit to "To Helen" and other poems of a haven island in the sea. The "bright" beacon of the lady, the starry Hope. As in the other love poems the poet is stuck with a lost past and beckoning across the great divide. "No more"(A Dream within a Dream)the experience of the in between poet is like the melancholy boundary of sea and shore. Real life is over and he lives only for the dreams(memories, hauntings, future vision?). Thy grey eye glances and where thy footstep gleams. Brightness reduced but suggestively envisioned still in ghostly fashion to the melancholy poet. Eternal streams(not the sea but the otherworld.

-- Anonymous, February 05, 2002

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