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My daughter has a Canon Z-115 and loves it. Recently it began to flash an " E " in the LED screen after being turned on and taking a frame or two. It can be resolved by turning the camera off for several hours but the problem re-occours the next time the camera is used. The manual says to send the camera to the shop to have it "reset". I have already replaced her camera with a new one and would like to try to repair this one myself as I have some experence it that area. Does anyone know what having the camera "reset" means? I can't seem to find out anything from Canon. Thanks.

-- boyce smith (, February 02, 2002


The only way to "reset" a compact yourself that I'm aware of is to remove the battery completely for some time. If this doesn't solve the problem, then it's probably a fault with the electronics or mechanics. If you have experience of fixing these then you might as well open the camera up and have a look (assuming it's no longer under warranty) as the cost of sending it back to Canon won't be that much less than the cost of a replacement. Who knows, there may well be a jumper or something inside that allows a reset. This being the Canon FD list, I would suggest the best option is to chuck the Z-115 in the bin and buy your daughter a good secondhand Ftb, the only electronics inside are for the meter and the camera will function quite happily without a battery (you just have to guess the exposure!).

-- Jeremy (, February 02, 2002.

I read some place that the camera on these newer electronics test the battiers and if the voltage is to low it flashs E. might replace the batteries they'r only good for 1 yr and if it has a flash and you you it alot doesn't last that long


-- Lyle Mann (, March 16, 2002.

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