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Welcome ! You have entered the forum for discussion on the distance education project : "Theology and Creation", which was launched in The Priory Institute, Tallaght Village, Dublin 24, on 26th January 2002. This is a module of the course "Theology for Today - issues and foundations", and is due for completion on June 8th 2002. The forum is for the persons participating in this module, to foster conversation and support for the 'lonely' learner at home ...

My name is Joseph Kavanagh, and I am a Dominican who has been assigned to set up this course by the Irish Province of Dominican Friars. I am based in St. Mary's priory, Tallaght, and am moderator of the newly formed Priory Institute. My office number is (01) 404 8116, and my e-mail is joe39@indigo.ie. Associated with me in this venture is Martin Cogan, another Dominican, who is responsible for editing and printing the texts, and Allison Joyner, who is course leader in the Institute.

This course by distance education operates throughout Ireland, and beyond, using a network of centres, which have tutors and reading material for the participants in the vicinity. The list of our centres is as follows, with the tutor's name in brackets, : Limerick - St. Saviour's, Glentworth Street, tel. 061 412 333 (Vincent Kennedy, o.p. & Philip McShane, o.p.) Cork - St. Dominic's Retreat Centre, Montenotte, tel. 021 450 2520 (Lucinda Cassidy & Maurice Fearon, o.p.) Waterford - St. Saviour's, Bridge Street, tel. 051 875 061 (Vincent Travers, o.p.) Athlone - centre information from tutor Angela Hanley (056 2222 060) Dublin - The Priory Institute, St. Mary's, Tallaght Village, Dublin 24 (Joseph Kavanagh, o.p.) Drogheda - St. Magdalens, tel. 041 987 0068 (Louis Hughes, o.p.) Belfast - Aquinas House, 89a Maryville Park, Malone Rd. tel. 048 90 663 141 (Claire O'Brien, o.p.).

These centres will house the two seminars which will take place during the course of the module, on March 9 and April 27. More details of these seminars will be posted later.

Meanwhile, we welcome you to take part in this forum. Submit your comments, your queries, your criticisms, whatever you deem may be helpful or elicit some support. This is a learning process for all of us, and we need each other's help.

Looking forward to a lively forum !


-- Anonymous, February 02, 2002


Dear Joe, Thank you for the welcome to this discussion forum. I just want to point out that the way things are set up in this forum *anyone* can ask a new question or *anyone* can answer someone else's question. It's not all up to the leaders of the course, or the writers of the various texts, or the administrative staff at the centre of it all. So there is room here for a "free for all". I look forward to us getting going!

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2002

The course team Well done on getting the course up and running. I've just got my material yesterday, as I'm a late starter, and it looks very impressive. I have some experience of distance learning with the Open University; however, I'm a novice on the theology journey. Looking forward to the course and using the technology.


-- Anonymous, February 10, 2002

Delighted to have found the page. Great course I am relly enjoying it

-- Anonymous, March 03, 2002

Hi to all in the Tallaght class.

Thanks Joe for a wonderful day on Saturday. Id say a few straw boxs would have come in handy for a few of us trainee theologians (Joe might wish to elaborate on the straw issue!).

Also thanks to all for sharing in the sessions. Its comforting to see that we all seem to get stuck on the same issues. Is this a sign of wisdom or something else ..ha, ha ?.

Looking forward to meeting again at the next session, as well as in the electronic form, here in the chat room.


-- Anonymous, March 10, 2002

i have joined the technological adventure

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2002

Hi Joe,

It's the 'Drogheda' demons again!! Now we are really up and running, I've found the chat room. Really enjoying this course. Has anyone got to Unit 4 yet. I'm half afraid I'm going too fast and that I'm doing something wrong, but I'll barrelling along anyway.

I've just started Unit 4, I'd like to point out - I've not finished it yet, I'm not that good really !!. Please take this the way it's meant.

I've lined up a lot of reading for the summer, having finished Unit 3 there are some books I would like to sit down and read without any pressure of time to finish them. Roll on the summer ( or the time we actually call summer, I wasn't thinking about it weather wise.)

Good luck to all. Jackie

-- Anonymous, March 19, 2002

Hi All ,

Just a note to say Happy Easter and happy studying to you all. Isn't this course just great !

-- Anonymous, March 27, 2002

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