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I have an old Kodak Photoguide (1970s)--a small compendium of information for photographers that includes some useful things for large format. It is small enought to stick in a camera bag and even includes a small gray card. One thing that intrigues me is a scale to be used for figuring exposture compensation needed for bellows extension on a 4x5. You place a two inch long object at the plane of focus and then hold the scale (which is along the edge of a page) against the ground glass. You adjust exposure depending on how the 2 inch length on the ground glass falls on the scale in the book. This almost seems too simple. Is there anything wrong with doing it this way and not using the fairly complicated formula (at least for a head calculation)reported in Simmons Using the View Camera

Tony Galt

-- Tony Galt (, February 01, 2002


Tony, This is perfectly acceptable and accurate method. One of the complicated formulae you are thinking of is for calculating the magnification ratio and applying exposure compensation. That is what the pocket guide doing. The same technique is used for the clever disc calculator you can download. Don't make bellows factor any more complicated than it needs to be.

-- Dave Schneider (, February 01, 2002.

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