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Hi all, which will be the best Jobo tank for hand invertion processing 45 films with PMK, 2521 or 2523? Is it a must to use TF-4 non-hardening fixer with PMK? Will ILFORD Hypam rapid fixer w/o hardener works OK with PMK? Thanks

-- NG Sai Kit (, February 01, 2002


I can't answer your JOBO question, but I can say that Ilford's standard film fix works just fine with PMK and is cheap. I don't think that Ilford has a hardening fix anymore (could be wrong though).

-- Dave (, February 02, 2002.

Hi NG! If I'm not wrong,the 2523 came with a cog gear cap. For hand invertion processing that you need is a drum with a push-on cap, with a pressure compensating diaphragm. This avoid the cap to be push off during process. The 2521 have this diaphragm-type cap, but also a magnet installed on the drum. If you don't use a processor, you don't need this magnet. I don't use neither of this tanks! Like I don't use a processor, I bought the 2820 test drum (correct cap&without magnet&cheaper). Don't forget that you need also the sheet film reel 2509n. Hope this helps!

-- jose angel (, February 04, 2002.

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