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how can i get VCD to play on my TOSHIBA SD-110E????

-- stephen russell (, February 01, 2002


Check the DVD player compatibility list at The problem isn't that your DVD player doesn't play VCD. Every DVD player I know of supports VCD, although I guess there might some weird model somewhere in the world that doesn't. The real issue you have is this - does your DVD player support CD-R media or not? The list at will tell you. There's no fix if your model doesn't support CD-R except to buy another player that does support it and tell all your friends not to buy the same player you did. It's only when companies start losing sales for failure to support CD-R that they will start to provide compatibility for it. It's quite complicated, but if your player does not play CD-R, the short version is that Toshiba chose not to include a 2nd laser beam in your unit designed to play CD-R media and that's why it doesn't work.

-- Jason (, February 01, 2002.

Your answer seems correct. Moreover, the manual explicitely says that CD-R are NOT supported.

Someone else tells it's possible with a few CD-R at DVDnameid=1110&Search=Search&#comments ... but I 've tested several brand (BASF, Sony, TDK, blanco, ...) nothing works!

-- Thibault (, May 20, 2002.

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