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I will be in Singapore soon and wondered where the best place would be to find a digital camara for taking pictures to be used in the print media and on a website.

It need not be top of the range, I have about $700 SGD to spend.

-- Colin Cullis (, February 01, 2002


try Cathay Photo at Peninsula Plaza along North Bridge Road or MS Color at Ang Mo Kio central. Take a MRT to Ang Mo Kio station, the shop is located near to S11 food centre, near to main road, next to SBS bus interchange. Hope the road direction helps!

-- sanz (, February 05, 2002.


Camera equipment is no longer a real bargain in Singapore.

Be very aware of the fact that all manufacturer's warrantees on digital cameras apply ONLY in the country of original purchase. If you take an Olympus or Nikon back to the US or UK, they will not even touch it for money.

There are any number of shope in Peninsula Hotel area, or Orchard Rd that will sell you a digital camera at a more or less similar price: Isheda marketing in the Peninsula Hotel building is likely the least bad of those type- at least they are registered Nikon dealers. The overall best, straightest-shooting, most honest dealer is Gopes in the Tanglin area. Check the phone directory for the number and directions-it is a bit out of the way but they are very good.

Caveat Emptor


-- RICHARD ILOMAKI (, February 10, 2002.

Avoid buying at Ishida Marketing at Peninsula!! Don't even step in there.

Personally, I have very bad experience there. I am into digital photography lately and got a Kodak DX3600. Got it cheap from a friend. I was looking for the lens attachment from the shop and ended up getting 2 sets of Vitacon lens and a battery charger... all of which over-priced. one of which, they sold me GP 1600mh battery charger for $58. its market price is only $32. (Got to know when i go around looking for the lens attachment)The salesperson is a 'smooth- talker'. So, don't get taken in by his words.


-- rizal (, February 17, 2002.

Wow! .. they sold u the batts. at $58!? .. tat's a real rip off!

I have been going ard .. and I must say tat Mustafa is a good place to check out the 'NORM' price .. they sell fast chargers and high specs. batt. at one of the lowest price possible.

Seriously, you would really be surprised how much diff. some vendors priced their items .. the diff. is extreme in some cases.

Tat said .. hmm .. anyone noe any place where I can get adapter tubes (kenko, Tiffen, bower etc) for my Olympus Digi-cam?


-- Francis Lim (, May 03, 2002.

Ishida Marketing are also located at Lucky Plaza and are very dodgy. I would recommend not going anywhere near shops owned by Ishida. They have are several shops at Lucky Plaza, so competition is lacking. When I went there, someone was shouting at them to get their money back for making them wait an hour for equipment to be brought from somewhere else - probably Peninsula - which hadn't turned up.

-- J Stought (, May 21, 2004.

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