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I am interested in an 8x10 camera. Since I will have to carry it around quite a bit, weight is an important consideration for me. I have an Arca Swiss F Classic 6x9 (and am very happy with it) and one option is to upgrade it to an 8x10 format. Who has experience with this camera in 8x10? Is that a good choice or would you recommend against the upgrade and get another camera instead?

-- Wilfried Kruse (, January 31, 2002


Wilfried, I don't know what it would cost to upgrade your Arca, but I would suggest taking a look a Peter Gowland's ultralight 8x10 if wieght is a big concern. You might find it lighter and cheaper than the upgrade. He has a website: Good luck and welcome to 8x10!

-- John Kasaian (, January 31, 2002.


Arca-Swiss makes fine cameras. Before you adapt your camera, however, you might look into the limitations for movement in the 8x10 format. I believe the same front standards (and the same shift and rise) are used for all cameras from 4x5 up. With the smaller lens-board of your 6x9, you might also be limited your choice of lenses. The back standards may also be the same in 4x5 and 8x10. I do not work in 8x10, so I am just sending a few thoughts that you might consider. Others, with real experience in 8x10, can respond with more solid information. There are certainly 8x10 cameras with more movement and less weight available.

-- Michael Alpert (, February 01, 2002.

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