what are all the polaroid camera's that use'peel-apart' film?

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i know about the propack, 600SE & 450. any others? and is new 'peel-apart' film available to get?

thanks in advance. take care, allison.

-- allison (fallinginyreyes@cs.com), January 31, 2002


this site has a good list and illustrations of the cameras..


-- aneta (abdubow@hotmail.com), September 16, 2002.

There are a whole bunch of older cameras that take peel-apart film, that you can often find at flea markets and garage sales, etc. Check out the comprehensive list at: http://www.rwhirled.com/landlist/landdcam-pack.htm#cat-packfos200

-- Peter E.V. Allen (artstove@hotmail.com), October 28, 2002.

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