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Dear all

I understand that we can use R lens on M body via a converter. What are drawbacks for this set up ? I am interested in using 21mm SA, 35mm summicron and 50 summicron.

Many thanks.

-- S.Park (catena_park@yahoo.com), January 31, 2002


You can only scale focus the lenses as there is no rangefinder coupling.

-- John Collier (jbcollier@powersurfr.com), January 31, 2002.

The R lenses are also bigger, heavier, and cut more into the finder. As mentioned above, you'll be estimating distance which is not that easy to do unless you are stopping the lenses way down. To me, the only lens that might make sense to convert for use on an M is a superwide, as scale focusing is easy with the great depth of field. You'll have to come up with an expensive finder for it as well as the expensive adapter to use it on the M, however, so it almost seems more of a bother than its worth, especially if you already have an R camera to stick it on.

-- Andrew Schank (aschank@flash.net), January 31, 2002.

hi guys and a happy new year! All of the above is correct. However, while the Leica-R to M adapter costs a King's Ransom, (to quoite Tom A), Novoflex of Germany manufacture a current and much cheaper alternative. Very well made. I have one for the Nikkor objectives and principally use the 50mm f/1.2 and 28mm f/3.5, neither of which obscure the viewfinder too much. The lenses are painted at various distance settings which can be seen in the m6 viewfinder, bottom right corner, so you know when distance is accurately set. best and regar

-- jonathan eastland (ajaxpics@freezone.co.uk), January 31, 2002.

I cover adapters in fine detail in the FAQ at:

nemeng.com/leica/#017e Personally, I use the Cameraquest R-M adapter so I can use the R 16mm fisheye lens on the Ms for my virtual-reality photography.

Works just fine. As others have noted, you have to scale focus, but with super-wides that isn't much of a problem (hell, I have my 16mm permanently set to 3m anyway).

BTW, welcome to the forum Jonathan - I've got your M and R compendium books. Very useful references!

-- Andrew Nemeth (azn@nemeng.com), February 01, 2002.

Hello. The 2228 Leica converter indeed allowed me to mount my S.A.21mm.R lense onto an M body.This combination worked with zone focusing,however it didn't feel right and was very bulky..You would be bound to have focus problems with the 50mm doing candids,unless you are a Panavision camera focus puller.Better me thinks that you get the M lenses.They feel right and you would not lose that all important wide aperture shot due to a misfocus. Regards.

-- Sheridan Zantis (albada60@hotmail.com), February 01, 2002.

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