whats going on????and sat an acoustic show in Stockton with Headboard!!!

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yes sat in stockton tkw like you've never seen us...Acoustic!!!!! yes its gonna be weird and fun and well snoops and jack are gonna slow dance alot but hey we might even bring back Elementary School and tonights show should be fun (for more info go to main page)and all 4 one? boyzIImen abc bbd, i think i would rather cover bbd, that girl is dope!! do me baby!!! that girl is posion!!! oh or abc, spidermaaaaan, at the playground you know!!!!

-- karateronnie (karateronnie@yahoo.com), January 31, 2002


gotta be ABC

another bad creation were the rulers of the east coast family... I saw them "live" at the appollo on TV once... they we lip synching so bad... and yet, it was so good.

what ever happened to that crew of white guys that were in one of Boyz 2 Men's last video as part of the ECF? those guys looked like R&B mormons or something...

anywhoo... see y'all soon, aye?


-- Nate (douchebag@creekan.com), February 04, 2002.

boyzIImen abc bbd the east coaty family

ohh yeah abc rocks!!! playground and spiderman but the real man is Ronnie Biv(well i think thats the one) i mean he produced all of them(boyzIImen, abc, bbd) and got away with using the same beat on all the songs, and the white group??!! i know i mean they were all up in the motownphilly video and then BAM!!! gone and yeah o-town could kill all 4 one but the ECF would rock all of them with there barrage of songs like spiderman-abc and my fav Do ME by bbd i'll give you a little taste

the time was six o'clock on this swatch watch got a date, cant be late, HEY! the girlies gonna do me cruise to the jacoozie ohhhhh that booty smack it up! flip it! rub it down! oh noooooooooooooo!!!!

as much as o town rocks they cant touch the masters-bbd

-- karateronnie (karateronnie@yahoo.com), February 07, 2002.

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