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"Moved by the thought of Christ's presence among the people of his time, and stunned by the image of the Incarnate Word walking like an ordinary man down the lanes and along the thoroughfares of Palestine, Peguy writes:

To think, Lord, to think that you were there, that all that was needed was to come near you, awe-inspiring mystery. Really to think that it hapened once. That it was once seen on earth. That everyone could touch you, *visible shepherd*, the womenfolk, the children, the beggars on the highways. And that you spoke like a simple man who speaks. (Mystere, pp. 407-8)

There are few passages in Peguy's work more poignant than the long prayer that is said by Jeanne d'Arc at the opening of Mystere:

"O God, if only the beginning of your kingdom would come. If only the sunrise of your kingdom would come. But there is nothing, nothing to see, ever. You sent us your Son whom you loved so much, your Son came, who suffered so much, and He died, and there is nothing, nothing ever. If only we could see the dawn of your kingdom begin to break... fourteen centuries of Christendom, alas! since the birth, and the death, and the preaching. And nothing, nothing, nothing ever. And what reigns on the face of the earth is nothing, nothing, nothing but perdition.... God, God, can it be that your Son died in vain? That He came, and it was all for nothing?"

Putting this material down here with no context is a bit stark, but I want to come back to it, and here is as good a place as any to store it for the moment.

I got these quotes in a forthcoming article by Paul Murray OP for the Chesterton Review, entitled "A Man Talking: The Prayer and Poetry of Charles Peguy".

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2002


Another quote from Peguy (there should be an accent on the "e"):

Jesus preached; Jesus prayed; Jesus suffered. We must imitate him just as far as our strength allows. Oh, we are unable to preach divinely; we are unable to pray divinely; and we will never have infinite suffering. Butr we must try with all our human might to speak as best we can the divine word; we must try with all our might to pray as best we can according to the divine word; we must try as best we can... [to undergo] all we can of human suffering." (Jeanne, p. 38; Mystere, p. 517)

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2002

Not having read anything written by Charles Peguy ,I cannot comment on his writings, except to say I dont agree with the 'nothing, nothing, nothing' bit,.

To find the right 'linguistic words' is not easy so I thought alliteration might help..

What kind of theology do we need?..I believe we need a theology of Repentence, Rejoicing and Responsibility.

Repentence, recognising that we are a rebellious, redeemed and recreated people.. Rejoicing, realising our redeemed ,recreated and resurrecting realities... Responsibility, in knowing that as a redeemed, recreated people we must immitate our Redeemer, and follow his way; that is his way of service.

'Shoulder your yoke and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart' We are not masters but servants ' If I who am Lord and Master wash your feet ought you not also wash one another's feet,' ...And maby cut their toenails... and again'love one another as I have loved you'.

We need to keep the vision of our recreatedness in front of us, and not allow the sin-filled vision to hold sway, we should not allow it any space. When we keep our 'telos' in front of us we can strive to bring it about. Tony Blair holds up this vision occasionally; I believe his is the Christian vision.

In Von Balthasar's writing there are usually two poles, and I think there are two poles here also. God's glory is being made manefest in our world today and there are people who have this vision; they may be inside or outside the Church. They too must hold up their vision and seek to bring it about. We are at a momentious time , and I believe if we each throw in our penny's worth our joy will be boundless; It will be Radient, Rapturous, and Royal.


-- Anonymous, February 10, 2002

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