Evidence In Support of SLAs

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I am an IT Service Management consultant and understand the benefits of having SLAs in place. I am currently writing an article for an IT service management publication that gives real-life examples for doing things right. For example, Availability Management - see eBay outage of 22 hours in 1999; Change Management - see Australian Stock Exchange failure after a change in 1995. I think you get the idea?

I wondered whether you could provide me with (or point me in the direction of) any examples of organisations "coming undone" due to not having SLAs in place. Financial implications of not having SLAs would be great.

Thanks, Karen

-- Karen Ferris (karen@kmfadvance.com), January 31, 2002


hi karen, if you are still looking for some assistance we may be able to assist you.



-- Brian Peck (bpeck@end-endsoftware.com), April 18, 2004.

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