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Hi All,

I have an Atlas Commander to which I would like to add another throttle. I only want this other throttle to control the speed and direction of a locomotive. All other functions will be controlled by the Commander.

Can you recommend an inexpensive throttle that will meet my needs?

Thanks in advance, Bob Guercio

-- Robert Guercio (, January 30, 2002


Dear Bob,

The Atlas Commander is made by Lenz, the originator of DCC. The system you have is based on Express Net and will use throttles that are made to operate on that bus. I don't know what you consider to be inexpensive but Atlas has a handheld throttle and you can also choose a throttle from Lenz as they make several. I believe any of the new throttles from Atlas or Lenz cost over $100.00 retail and I am not aware of a very low cost throttle. However, you may find somthing on the used market from Lenz that will be compatible with your system.


-- David F. Butts (, January 30, 2002.

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