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Being new to model railroading (HO), I would like to turn my layout from DC just starting to DCC. I have basically a horizontal figure 8 with the top and bottom connected (figure 8 lines are duel gapped), with suprs also. I have switches installed (power reversing) on the figure 8 cross members and am wondering what are the connections required to go to DCC (where to connect the power and what power reversing units are required if any).

-- Ron Fallon (, January 30, 2002


Ron, basically you can replace the track power connection from your present DC power pack with your DCC system track output and operate your reversing sections and switches the same way you do now.

If you want to use automatic reverser(s) for the reverse loops, then you can replace the manual switch(es) you have now with the automatic device(s).

I am hedging on the singular or plural because it depends on how you have wired for reverse loops and whether you can have a train in only one or more than one loop at a time.

Here's how I visulaize your layout correctly and understand your dual gaps on the figure 8 section. - the figure 8 section looks like an X in the middle of the oval - you have gapped both rails of each leg of the X at each end (4 sets of gaps)

If you want to have a train on each leg of teh X at the same time, then you need to 1) feed power to each leg of the X separately 2)supply this power feed through a reversing module (2 reversing modules required) If you only ever have on train at a time anywhere on the entire X part then you can 1)connect the power feed to each leg together 2) feed the power through one reversing module

For your power switches, you can use them as they are today or you can use accessory DCC decoders to drive the switch machine. These are available from various manufacturers although some only work for slow motion machines sucha s the Tortoise and some only for solenoid machines. You should shop around to find what meets your needs. Personally, I have a Digitrax system and us mostly Digitrax components.

Hope this helps you get it going.


-- Dale Gloer (, January 31, 2002.

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