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I'm using my new CD Maker software and new drive to try to burn a converted avi file, which is now an converted to mpeg. But the file won't burn to my CD-RW. It acts like it doesn't recognize the file type or that i have not inserted a disc. I have a 12x burner and a 10x disc. Is the difference in speed a problem or is there a compression process or something else I have to do before the file is ready to be burned? I'm stumped.

-- brian allen (, January 30, 2002


It could be that your video file is not in the right format. Assuming you converted it correctly, it could also be that you simply need to burn at a lower speed. I've never heard of 10x discs. Try burning at 8x or 4x and see if that was the problem. You definitely can't burn a 10x disc at 12x speed. If the lower speed doesn't work, you could try downloading Nero ( and use it. You can use it for free for 30 days. If Nero burns your VCD and CD Maker doesn't, dump CD Maker. Nero should give you a helpful error message if there is a problem with your input video. has some guides on converting AVI files, but you may already know how to do that. I just suggested that in case you don't feel comfortable about your conversion process.

-- Jason (, January 30, 2002.

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