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hi there all, my name is martin and i own a cannon T-70. the only problem i have is that i don't have a suitable flash for it, the flash base on the camera is a 3 prong one, i purchased a one prong flash at the palmdale mall hoping that it would be a match but to my displeasure it was not. does anyone know how where i can purchase a matching flash for my old camera? it works great and still takes great pictures. thanks for reading my question

-- martin bermudez (, January 30, 2002


Flashes with one contact should work with T-70 even though dedicated features won't be there. If it didn't then there must be some problem with the circuitry either on the camera or the flash. Didn't it fire at all? For dedicated features get A or T series flashes from canon (like 244, 277 or 299T). By the way they stopped making it long time ago. -Pil

-- pil (, January 30, 2002.


I don't know whether you have gotten your strobe yet, but I would encourage you to got one without dedication. I have used the 199A and 299T strobes on my Canon T-70. I found myself, in low-light situations, actually disabling the dedication by using either tape or a small, torn piece of paper to cover the contacts. Without doing this, the T-90 automatically sets the strobe to 1/90th second shutter speed. This does not allow the option for ambient light fill in darker situations.

When I used a friend's Sunpak Auto611 Thryster strobe, this problem went away. You have to be careful to set the shutter speed to 1/60th or less, but other than that, It works very well.

I would therefore recommend, for this camera only, that a single contact strobe be used. It gives you a lot more flexibility in your strobe/ambient light shooting situat

-- John Ratliff (, February 18, 2002.

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