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Hi! I am very excited about my decision to become a Doula. I am currently unemployed by choice and refuse to go back to the line of work that I was in previously. My unemployment runs out in May and I was wondering how long it took to become a Doula.

Thanx for your input! Joani

-- Joan (, January 29, 2002


Hi Joani,

I too am very interested in becoming a doula. I have looked into it in Arizona and discovered that it doesn't take long. I need to read three books that were recommened by the instructor, take a childbirth class at a local hospital, and attend a weekend workshop. To become certified through DONA, I must attend three births (as a doula) and have evaluation forms completed by mother, nurse, and doctor for each birth. You can print out the certification packet from

Suzette -Arizona

-- Suzette (, January 30, 2002.

Hey...well it takes as long as you take...once you meet the requirements then you send in your packet and await for your certification. :) Have fun and happy doulaing... Chelita

-- Chelita Lundell (, June 27, 2003.

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