What God Can't Do

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   What God Can't Do
   by Randal Matheny

   What is it God can't do?

   Force your faith, defy
   Your choice, tell a lie,
   Accept a false alibi,
   Ignore his children's cry.

   This he can't do.

   Nor can he dignify
   Transgression, draw nigh
   To the wicked, vie
   With the proud, or merely try.

   What He does He will do.

   God cannot reply
   To the wavering, satisfy
   The greedy, oversimplify,
   Or answer now every why.

   This he cannot, cannot do.

   Much God cannot do,
   Not because of who
   He is, but because
   Of what he isn't.

   Copyright 2002, Randal Matheny
   Head in the Clouds Poetry

-- Anonymous, January 29, 2002

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